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Our Sustainability Commitment

At Namuwoki Lodge, sustainability isn't just a practice—it's a way of life. We are deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty of Playa Chiquita while offering our guests a luxurious and eco-conscious experience.
From our thoughtfully designed accommodations that seamlessly blend with the surrounding rainforest to our initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste and supporting local conservation efforts, every aspect of our operation reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship. Discover how we're redefining luxury with a conscience at Namuwoki Lodge.

Certifications and Initiatives


Namuwoki Lodge is a hotel that has committed to the environment, becoming a sustainable and responsible destination.
We are aware that our contributions positively impact both those who visit us and nature. 
We are happy to be part of certification programs such as
Tourism Declaration, Safe Travel, Code of Conduct. 

We are also in the process of certifications such as Blue Flag Climate Change and the one granted by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (CST).


Certifications in the process:

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Green Practices

At Namuwoki Lodge, sustainability isn't just a concept – it's woven into every aspect of our operations. Here's how we're committed to preserving our environment and supporting our local community.

Each bungalow constructed with respect for existing trees, preserving the original forest to minimize impact on local ecosystems.

Drinking water dispensers provided to guests to reduce plastic bottle consumption.

Waste management system in place, ensuring responsible sorting and treatment of all waste.

Low-flow water system implemented throughout the Lodge to optimize water usage.

Priority given to sustainable purchases, favoring local suppliers.

Biodegradable and sustainable cleaning products utilized for environmentally friendly practices.

Guest education initiatives encourage water rationing, light conservation, and recycling practices.

Chemical-free weed control methods used in the garden, employing machetes.

Local staff employed without discrimination based on gender, age, or ethnicity.

Voluntary efforts made towards protecting natural resources and cleaning coastal areas.

Exterior lighting limited to LED bulbs with minimal energy consumption to minimize disturbance to wildlife.

Our Values

At Namuwoki, our values reflect our deep commitment to sustainability, community, and guest satisfaction.

We prioritize environmental stewardship, local engagement, and providing exceptional experiences for our guests.

With integrity, respect, and dedication, we strive to embody these values in everything we do, ensuring that each stay with us is not only memorable but also meaningful.

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Innovation

  • Quality

  • Collaboration

  • Responsability

  • Customer commitment

  • Personal and professional growth

Organic Garden

Sustainability at our Restaurant

At Namuwoki Lodge, our dining practices are deeply connected
with our commitment to sustainability. We prioritize sourcing locally grown ingredients to reduce carbon emissions and support the local economy. Our seasonal menu reflects our dedication to freshness
and minimizes food waste.
Additionally, our restaurant operates with energy efficiency in mind, using eco-friendly utensils and packaging.  

Dining at Namuwoki not only offers delicious meals but also contributes to our broader sustainability efforts, promoting environmental conservation and supporting local communities.

Join Us in Preserving Paradise

Get Involved with Namuwoki Lodge's Sustainability Efforts.

At Namuwoki Lodge, we're on a mission to protect the beauty of Playa Chiquita and promote sustainable living. We invite our guests and visitors to join us in this endeavor by taking simple yet impactful actions during their stay and in their everyday lives.

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